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Move America Forward
To my friends in the Move America Forward family,I wanted to make sure you've heard the big news - Move America Forward is going to lead a giant, patriotic, pro-troop caravan across the nation, just at the time when Congress will be deciding whether to cut off all support for our troops in Iraq. It's called the "Fight For Victory Tour" and it will take place September 3rd through September 15th.As a 20-year veteran in the U.S. Air Force, including service as President Clinton's top military aide, I've seen personally how irresponsible and ego-centric politicians can exact a toll on America's military and our national security. I clearly see it happening again!I want to tell you why it is so very important for you to join us in this effort. The men and women who wear the uniform of the United States military do so with pride and honor. Our troops fighting the war against Islamic jihadists across the globe do so with courage, dignity and compassion despite enduring the harshest of conditions. They are doing an outstanding job, and most importantly, THEY ARE WINNING! ITS UP TO US TO WIN THE HOME FRONT!This morning you might have found yourself irritated about the flow of traffic or annoyed at the stubbornness of a co-worker. Well, today there are thousands of our troops, wearing more than 50+ pounds of body armor in 110+ degree heat, with wind-driven sand clogging their lungs, mouths, eyes and nostrils. These men and women know that at any moment Islamic jihadists might shoot at them or that they might be ripped apart by the explosion from an Improvised Explosive Device - "IED."Contrast this selfless service and sacrifice to the recent conduct of some of our "elected representatives" in Congress. While American fighting men and women stand in harm's way fighting in a war we sent them to, we have a number of politicians placing their careers above their nation. They lack the moral authority and courage to do what is right instead of what is politically expedient.This has nothing to do with political party either - we've seen our troops betrayed by individuals across the political spectrum.We are a nation at war with a threat from Islamic jihadists that will not go away if we surrender and withdraw from Iraq; no, that threat will only grow in intensity and brutality. Iraq will become "killing fields" rife with sectarian violence and Al Qaeda will have the opportunity to seize control of the country and its oil fields, greatly enhancing their ability to launch coordinated terror strikes against America and our allies, in pursuit of their "Grand Caliphate".Victory is our only option. Our troops know that, you know that and I know that. The members of the United States Congress, however, stand poised to force surrender upon our troops, defeat for our nation and undermine the security of the people they were elected to represent.We cannot let that happen.I don't care how negative the media gets in their reporting. I don't care how bad the polls might look on a given day. Wars aren't won on the basis of polls.We must stand up and step forward to do what is right, and to make our voices heard, just as our troops are compelled to understand their duties in fighting hostile enemy forces - at the risk of losing their own lives.It's time all of us who understand the stakes of this war declare that we will not give up or give in, no matter how hard the news media and anti-military politicians try to discourage us.I ask you to stand by my side this September 3rd through 15th in Move America Forward's "Fight For Victory Tour" that will traverse this nation and end up at Washington, D.C. on the doorsteps of Congress.If we don't make the effort to win the war for hearts and minds here at home, then how can we expect our troops to win the war against tyranny and terror overseas?Please reply back to me if you can join us, and let me know if there are any specific ways you can help make this caravan a success.I look forward to hearing from you.- Lt. Col. Buzz Patterson, USAF (Ret.) Vice Chairman, Move America Forward http://www.moveamericaforward.org/

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